Work with Jenny

Work with Jenny Privately



6-month 1:1 private intensive for non-business coaches supporting those stuck at $1K-5K months in their business. Learn the repeatable, automated marketing strategies for organic lead generation to scale your business to a full-time income ($5K-10K+ consistent months). The program maps out a blueprint for your individualized marketing success, weekly homework to move your business forward, full copy review and edits on ALL your marketing copy during the program, 14 private 1:1 calls, weekday Voxer support, and free access to my entire library of marketing and mindset courses (valued at almost $9,000).



The $5K Launch is a 6-week private intensive that teaches you how to create a drool-worthy paid program and launch it with a Facebook Live Challenge that converts #ColdAF leads FAST. The program includes 1:1 calls, a Voxer VIP Day, course modules that teach you how to launch a challenge step-by-step, plus copy review and edits to all challenge-related marketing  content created during the 6-weeks. To date, my monthly Facebook Challenges have closed me $5K launches, $10K launches, $20K+ sales months, and driven targeted leads into my community on repeat that BUY during the challenge AND in the weeks after. The strategy taught in this program has closed my clients 2 sales in 1.5 weeks, 3 sales in 2 weeks, and 1:1 sales within a week.

Orgasmic Marketing + Manifestation


6-week course with 1:1 element to step into ease and flow in your marketing strategy through pleasure-based content writing, manifestation techniques, and automation marketing. Includes access to 6 training modules on the science behind quantum physics and manifestation, setting up your business on automation, the exact marketing strategy for 5-figure months, how to step into pleasure through orgasms, and more.

Marketing Courses for Non-Business Coaches



5-Module, self-paced course inside a private Facebook Group that walks you through in-depth trainings on content writing for sales, live video marketing that converts sales faster, email marketing funnels and free email opt-ins that create passive income while you sleep, pitching to the media for national / international coverage, and running your business on automation to save hours of time per week.



10-module self-paced course held inside a private Facebook Group for emotional transformation coaches that teaches how to leverage visibility events, like webinars, challenges, online summits, Twitter Chats, and automated email events for more sales and epic organic reach. Trainings include the step-by-step marketing strategy for each, plus screen-shares with previously launched event copy as examples.

Mindset Courses



85 days of motivational emails with affirmations, journaling prompts, and supplemental videos designed to boost your vibe so that you can work through your negative mindset blocks and manifest your dream income months. Includes prompts that address self-sabotage, fear of rejection, goal setting, and the EXACT journaling prompt series that was directly responsible for me manifesting over $6,000 in client sales in 5 days.

14-Days to Manifesting Your Next Soulmate Client


Through a mix of manifestation trainings, journaling prompts, visualization meditations, and EFT/tapping sessions, you'll learn to bust through the fear of getting visible online, step into pricing alignment for your programs, calibrate to your next $5K income month, call in your next soulmate client, visualize your next travel adventure, and visualize handing in your 2-week's notice at your job.